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Cause a dollar bill to jump off the ground and into your waiting hands simply by blowing on it! 
Place that very same dollar UNDERWATER and with a snap of your fingers it RISES to the top and EMERGES from the water... FLYING through the air and back to you! 
For an incredible kicker, the dollar bill is shown to be DRY AS A BONE! 
This is pure elemental magic that makes you look like a master airbender AND waterbender. 
It's two effects in one package that go great together! You can do either one or both at virtually any time, this is a self-contained effect that resets itself.
  • Indoors or out, right on the street! 
  • No visible attachment to bill or body! 
  • Easy to do and resets instantly!
Your audience will be bedazzled when they see you lift the bill from the ground with just a puff of air, bemused when the bill emerges from the water, and BLOWN AWAY when they realize the bill is somehow, impossibly dry.  You can let them feel for themselves... it's DRY AS A BONE!  
Download this item instantly now! 
The HD video tutorial will show you how to gimmick your own paper currency so you can use any bill you like.  This information alone is worth twice the price of the download!

You'll need invisible thread to perform this effect.  Any invisible thread can be used.
You will get a MP4 (154MB) file

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