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Is it physics? Is it Chi Power? Or is it something more?

Find out as Steve Fearson teaches you a secret technique he developed after a lifetime of searching for the ultimate way to affect objects from a distance.

An apparent demonstration of

We need to make something perfectly clear at this point. The demonstration in the video is not rigged or hoaxed in any way. No gimmicks of any kind are used to move the objects.


In this video you will learn a powerful technique that when mastered will enable you to move objects from a distance. Steve's explanation will make you look at the concept of "Chi Energy" in a whole new way.

It will take some dedication but your work will pay off. Learn to perform Airbender and you will have a one-of-a-kind performance piece that blurs the line between the real and the unreal.


For the first time, Steve reveals details of his Las Vegas meetings with world-reknown psychic and martial artist James Hydrick. Hydrick appeared on That's Incredible and was named the top psychic in the world because of his ability to move objects from a distance. You may have heard that Hydrick was exposed as a fraud. That is partially correct. Steve reveals surprising details about his methods that will make you reconsider the meaning of the word Supernatural.

You'll also hear an explanation for some of the mystical feats performed by Chi Masters. If you've ever wondered how they can cause others to fall to the floor or even fly backwards across the room without touching them... you need to see this.

DISCLAIMER: This video exposes techniques that could be used to deceive and defraud the public at large. By purchasing this video you agree to use these methods for entertainment purposes only. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase.

Play Call Listen in on a phone call made to actor and magician E. Ambriz DeColosio during the production of this video.

"Probably the closest thing to being real magic EVER taught on video!"

"I've been doing this technique for a couple years actually. I was taught by a friend's grandfather who is part Native American. But you have inspired me to go for greater distance, so it was well worth the purchase"

"My only criticism is that this should have sold for $250 or more."

"It really gave viewers an insight into the mind of a truly creative person."

"I've seen these kinds of demonstrations before and most of it is just silly ...your 30 minute video was genius. The Airbender is just great."

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