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Telepathy - 2 person system

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Telepathy - Wireless Two Person Communication

Telepathy is a technique that can be used by two people to create the illusion of telepathic communication.

The following information is an example of what can be transmitted silently and instantaneously.

The value of any playing card
Any number from 1-10
Any letter of the alphabet
You will learn the powerful yet simple and INDETECTABLE technique, which can be applied in endless configurations to produce numerous effects.
We are pushing the maximum information through while creating nary a ripple in reality.  There literally is no evidence of your deed.  Even under close scrutiny, the investigator would almost have to be inside the skin of the person performing the feat in order to detect the signal.  And even then they would be clueless as to what it meant, unable to identify it as anything without the tools to decode it..
Because the method piggy-backs on existing functional response behaviors which are the result of a lifetime of conditioning, it is particularly easy to learn.  For example, if we were to use the colors of a street light to signal stop and go you're going to catch on quickly.  Without giving away the method, we assure you it's something you're already very adept at.   You could train someone to do this with you in minutes, it just comes naturally.
There are no obvious signs of communication including,
No talking or speech of any kind.
No fidgeting or adjusting the position of the hands, legs or fingers.
No huffing, puffing, sniffing or grunting... You could do this while holding your breath.
Most importantly, there is no timing or secret counting of seconds involved.  Higher cards do not take longer to send.  The two comes across just as quickly as the ten, in a single burst of encoded data.

You just note any card from a shuffled deck and then transmit the information to your partner INSTANTLY!  As they stare into your eyes it's like they're seeing right into your mind!  You can do this over and over with 100% accuracy.  
This routine is designed to be performed as a casual psychic demonstration.  If you were playing poker at a table with a partner you could transmit the identity of evey card in your hand in just seconds using this technique.  With a bit of thought you will find that larger bits of information can be shared as well.
This is esoteric knowledge you need uploaded to your psychic armory now.  Your next opportunity to use it is right around the corner!
running time approx: 20 min
WARNING:  This product reveals a method for secretly transmitting the identity of a playing card from one person to another.  We are unable to answer any questions about card cheating, casinos or gambling.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale if we have any reason to believe our product will be used in an illegal manner.  This product is intended to be used for entertainment purposes only.
You will get a MP4 (71MB) file

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