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Snort a gigantic pile of unknown white substance straight up your nose, with the greatest of ease! 
Everyone knows magic doesn't work by itself, sometimes it needs a little help from a mysterious white powder magicians call Woofle Dust.
You display a jar of white powder and a large spoon to your audience.  A HEAPING spoonful of the powder is removed and held just under your nose.
With a loud SNORT, every last bit of the powder VANISHES straight up your nose baby!
This is one of the most VISUAL and HILARIOUS illusions you can perform.  One second it's there, the next second it's GONE.
Use any ordinary tablespoon, jar and the powder of your choice to perform.
Very easy to do!
Gets a HUGE reaction!
Completely safe, it's all an illusion!
The simple gimmick is easily contructed out of supplies you're almost certain to have in your house right now.  Once you've made it, you can use it over and over.  There are no moving parts or complex mechanisms to wear out or malfuntion.
It's so easy it almost works itself but it looks absolutely AMAZING.  This is a very strong illusion that fools the HECK out of people!  It also lends itself to a lot of funny business and jokes, most of which are too outrageous to be mentioned here.  (but we've included a couple of the best ones in the video)
BLOW some minds with WOOFLE DUST by Scarface!
You will get a MP4 (59MB) file

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