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Imagine being able to see through playing cards, as if you had X-RAY EYES like Superman!  This diabolical secret allows you to look at the back of a playing card and reveal the color of it's face.  It's as if you are able to see right through the solid card!

Pull cards from a borrowed deck and name their colors without ever seeing the faces.  One, after another, after another.  This is X-Ray Vision, a subtle mystery from Steve Fearson.

No Peeks!
No Marks!
No Gimmicks at all!
The effect is 100% impromptu.  This is organic magic, something a genuine psychic might use as a demonstration.  If you used this method in a casino, it would be considered cheating although you could not be caught.

>> See the trick performed while dealing through an entire deck.

You start with an ordinary deck.  The deck could even be borrowed.  It is not prepared in any way.

A spectator or multiple spectators can shuffle the deck.  You never even have to touch it.

You begin to draw cards from the top of the deck, and without looking at the faces you name the color of each card.  One after another after another.  What starts out as maybe just a lucky guess becomes more of a mystery with each successive card, building to a crescendo of impossibility and leaving your audience mystified.

WARNING:  This product reveals a method for detecting the color of a card from the back.  Although a technique to detect the color of evey card as it is dealt is also demonstrated, this is not a gambling product.  We are unable to answer any questions about card cheating, casinos or gambling.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale if we have any reason to believe our product will be used in an illegal manner.  This product is intended to be used for entertainment purposes only.

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